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The Super Secret Success Strategy!

Blast Your Traffic & Sales Overnight

Turning Your Low Earning Website Into A Goldmine

Dear Friend,

My name is David Mandino, and I am the creator of the A to Z

I operate 20 very successful websites. I just want you to understand our success on the internet.
If you've spent any time working on a website, you know that creating your website or product is only one small concern of yours. In fact, most successful websites spend months recruiting and building reciprocal links.
I know how this feels because, I spent months upon months -- and over $20,000 trying to get and attract traffic to my web sites. I tried just about everything ­ until I had my ONLINE BREAKTHROUGH.

After months and months of trial and error, I finally succeeded last year in 2003. Today, my sites commands more than 72,000 visits per day.

I'd like for you to go to and review the traffic ranking of my other web site, (In case you're not familiar with, it's a search engine site that ranks Turning Your Low Earning Website Into A Goldmine 3 web site statistics. The numbers are in black and white. I have no control over the information detailed on this site. You'll see that my site, commands a minimum of 42,000 visits a day.)

It's absolutely amazing how I went from 20 measly hits a day to 72,000. And, that's just an AVERAGE day of traffic.

As you already know, there are millions of Internet surfers and millions of web sites. So the challenge is how do you get all those surfers to your site.

After I explain how this proven-strategy works, you'll see how easy and powerful it is to get floods of traffic flocking to your site, every day. So what's the solution?

Google AdWords

Super Campaign Internet Marketing.

  • Total number of clicks (visitors) per day
  • Cost per click · Total daily costs
  • Daily Conversion Rate (sales divided by the number of visitors. Or put another way, "Total orders" divided by "clicks per day".)
  • Bring you loads of traffic.
  • Move and sell your product consistently.

    You're probably wondering ? Well, there are THREE key ways to identify a good quality site:
    1. The website Link popularity
    2. The website Alexa Ranking
    3. The website position on the search engines

These are the three ultimate and major ways to find out if a web site is a good quality site.

Good quality site means a site with a lot of targeted traffic.

4. Link Popularity- The best and most accurate way to look for a website link popularity is through the search engines themselves. Link popularity means how many links are sent to a specific site.

Link popularity is NOT the number of affiliates to a site, but it is the number of links to a web site. Sometimes one affiliate can send more than 100 links to a specific web site (this is a very extreme situation but it can happen. The average is between 2 to 15 links)

A site with a high link popularity is considered a good quality site with a lot of traffic.

Sometimes Specific web sites can show you low Alexa ranking and low link popularity, but still they can Play an important role in sending good, massive, quality and targeted Traffic to you. The reason is ­ These sites are located at the top of the search engines on a specific keyword search that is related to your industry.

The top 15 sites on a specific search engine are usually the best.

Sometimes the Joint venture between the sites is through a link exchange agreement and not an affiliation agreement. I have prepared a special letter for Internet marketers who are looking for a link exchange kind of Joint venture.

Link exchange is a very powerful FREE promotion to your site, please do not underestimate it.

Get started right now:

1. Compile a list of "keywords" that your visitors and prospects use when they type their search into the various search engines.
2. Type every keyword into all major search engines.
3. For each keyword search, write down which sites already have the top listings and visitors that you need.
4. Next contact the webmasters of the sites that you found so you can get free advertising on their sites by offering reciprocal links. The beauty of this process is that it is absolutely FREE and you can profit from tons of traffic.

I'm confident that your time is as valuable as mine. And because you know how much your sales
can benefit from traffic and direct sales that link from the top-ranking sites.

Background Information: How Links Can Generate Your Targeted Traffic

It is very important that you understand how powerful links are for your web site traffic. Links are the lifeline for your site.

Now let's take Home Depot,, and eBay. These corporate icons have made their businesses ACCESSIBLE/ VISIBLE. They gained their brand identity by linking and being strategically located for the American public.

So how does this apply to your online business?

The Internet was created for a vast matrix of information. Through this information, sites are
supposed to be linked like a web of data. In other words, your web site is not just an address on the Internet. It's a place and location where other companies can link to you and direct their traffic to you and vice versa.

By creating links and creating cross promotions, for your online business, it establishes CREDIBILITY and ACCESIBILITY for more targeted traffic.

Why does your site need credibility?

Sixty-five percent of all sale decisions are based on trust. For instance, if you are shopping for the best mortgage rate, would you trust just any online mortgage site? How comfortable would you feel entering your personal data? However, if one of your friends highly RECOMMENDED the web site or maybe a website that you are a regular at directs you to a particular site, you would feel like the website was CREDIBLE.

This is what happens when people stumble onto your site. Without the recommendation or cross- links of other sites, we have a tendency to question the credibility of an online business.
In other words, your web site presence should include more than pretty photos, and outstanding products and services. Regardless of how attractive your site is, if you're not getting the traffic and just doesn't matter.
The breakthrough of this strategy is so powerful because your online business will have the selling atmosphere for streams of perpetual potential consumers -- from everywhere. Search engines gage rankings based on link popularity. Your profits will literally skyrocket once you implement this link-infrastructure strategy.
NOTE: If you want increased traffic to your site, link popularity is the key to earning top rankings in the major search engines.
My objective is for you to get the most success out of targeted traffic to your site.
But your objective is making a connection.
If you have the potential for doing business, with "big wigs", it is best that you directly contact the
website owner. This way you can establish a level of trust and rapport.

It's really misfortunate how many people scoff at this technology. But at the same token, it makes
it that much better for people like you and me, who see how simply yet highly effective it is.
Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that your web site will get a steady stream of
traffic in just two days. Theoretically, the process ranges between 3 weeks to 7 months in time span. And with your commitment and diligence, your reward will command crazy traffic and drastically enhanced sales.


As we all know, spamming is illegal and it can shut down your site. I'm not trying to scare you but you just need to keep this in mind.

HOW TO AVOID SPAMMING The most full-proof way to avoid spamming is to:

1.) Find the web site owner's first name and to put his name in the email of your query letter

The best site for searching for a web sites owner name is to go to this link and find it

2.) At the beginning of the letter include the name of the company, address, City ,
State/Province and phone number .

In the body of your email, always include the URL of the web site you are requesting do get a link, or partnership with. Therefore, the letter will be deemed personalized versus general "Spam" or junk mail.

With that said, let's get started...

Step #1:
Type your contact's e-mail address in the "To" field.
To: <e-mail address>

Step #2: Type subject line into the subject line field of your e-mail letter that you're sending:
Subject: Interchange links

Step #3: In the body of your email message, copy and paste the following letter message:

This email was sent to: [Company] At: [Address] Phone number: [phone][Date]
Dear [Web Site Owner Name],I noticed during a key word search that your web site, [Web Site URL]and mine share similar key words in the [Search Engine Name.]
Although we share similar key words, our products and services complement each other and are not a conflict of interest. I would love to work with you so that we could increase our link popularity and search engine rankings. Also, because we are not competitors, it will create a win-win solution for both of us!!!
Please note that I only try to contact sites where our products will fully complement each other. Partnering with a competitor would defeat the purpose. We will both benefit from increased search engine rankings, more targeted traffic and online sales.
Please visit and review my site at [Your Web Site Address]how my targeted traffic overlaps and interests a very similar audience for your web site.
I look forward to developing a mutually prosperous online business relationship with you. For further consideration, please contact me at [Your Email Address]or personally at [Your Phone Number].Thank you for your consideration and time.

Best wishes, [Your Name] [Your Online URL] [Email Address & Phone Number] ----- Stop Copy & Paste Here

Add any extra PERTINENT statistical information regarding your site. (Remember to keep it clear and simple.)

---- Start Copy & Paste Here ----- This email was sent to: [Company] At: [Address]Phone number: [phone]Hi [Web Site Owner Name],
After I conducted my top keyword search, I visited your web site, I noticed that although we are not in competition with each other, we are targeting the exact same market.
I would love for you to visit my site at: [Your Web Site URL]I have researched and studied my target market demographics for the last 4 months. An affiliate program would prove to be a win-win opportunity. For you, it would boost your existing traffic and increase your income.
If we were to join forces, we have the potential to create an additional revenue stream for both of us -- without exhausting time and investing money.
Together, we share a very similar target market. The products and services that I provide are in demand by your customers. Partnering in an affiliate program would prove to be mutually beneficial.
Please know that my partnership request is extremely a selective one. I look forward to discussing this further. Please feel free to contact me personally at [Your Telephone Number]or via email to arrange a conference call time.
Best wishes, [Your Name] [Your web site URL] ----- Stop Copy & Paste Here -----

----- Start Copy & Paste Here ----- This email was sent to: [Company] At: [Address]Phone number: [phone] Hi [Web Site Owner Name],
I was really wowed by your web site, [URL].And, I am inquiring about your advertising rates.
Our web sites share the exact target market that I am trying to reach. If you have any extra space on your web site, I would love to purchase any excess advertising space that you may have.
Also, if you need advertising, we could possibly barter advertising. As I mentioned before, we share the same target market. Please let me know which you would feel the most comfortable with.
Our products and service are not a conflict of interest. So please stop my web site at: [Your Web Site URL] Customarily, I try to keep my site clutter-free but since your site will offer value to my customers, I have no problem adding your link on my site, as long as you post mine on yours.
I look forward to discussing this opportunity further with you. Please feel free to contact me directly at [Your Telephone Number] or via email with your contact information and the best time for a conference call.
Best wishes, [Your Name Here] ----- Stop Copy & Paste Here -----

This email was sent to: [Company]At: [Address]
Phone number: [phone]Dear [Web Site Owner Name],
When I visited your web site, [Web Site URL] today, I noticed that we share the same target market. I would love to contribute my compelling articles that would be of great interest to your customers and visitors.
Please know that the articles I would provide would not pose a conflict of interest to the information that your site currently provides. My industry expertise and articles would highlight your online brands identity.
With your approval, I will provide your site with articles in exchange for a credit in the way of my name and web site address under the article.
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting free original content for your web site or even for your newsletter. Please
send me a return e-mail so that I can send you my article samples for your review. If you prefer to reach me directly, my office number is
[Your Telephone Number] Appreciatively, [Your Name] [Your Phone Number] PS My current articles are on this website [URL where article(s) can be viewed]

And please remember to pass this web Page on to your friends.

Best wishes,
David Mandino